Turns out this evening is when it comes tumbling out:

Hello! I haven’t started weeknotes series 2 since before Covid. At first once it hit I enjoyed the adrenaline and sense of purpose of the emergency response and getting stuck in. My background is Product Management and I loved being…

Morning! Episode 2, I have achieved continuing the project past inception at least. Aphex Twin selected ambient works is playing (Tha) and we are chilling, happy to have a weekend of no plans.

I got the funding bid in, so keep your fingers crossed for that. It is to help…

Series 1 : Episode 1

It’s bizarre that this is series 1 episode 1, as I have been in local government for 10 years. If I had started when I got my first job in the customer focused digital transformation world 7 years ago, this would be Series 4. …

Annie Heath

Digital Design Manager. Feminist. Public Sector Endurance Medallist. Lessons learned from the Local Gov transformation life. Woman on the verge.

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